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Perveen & Abdul Tawwab Khan Block for visual impairment

In order to provide teaching & training facilities to students with visual impairment Rising Sun started a separate section in 2011. This section has been expanded into a separate wing in the form of Perveen & Abdul Tawwab khan block for visual impairment. After comprehensive brainstorming sessions with a consultative group, the building was designed on principles of Universal Design. In this block, students with visual impairment are given education up to higher secondary level. Continuous efforts are made to incorporate latest technical & assistive aids in the program delivery structure. In near future, we aspire to develop a pre-vocational guidance program to facilitate students in selecting and setting a career path for themselves.

Another important aspect of this project is separate section for children with multiple disabilities (e.g. visual impairment & autism spectrum disorder, visual impairment & cerebral palsy etc.). Students with multiple disabilities are either provided with day schooling (five days a week) or family support services (twice a week) based on their age and requirements. All the therapeutic, academic and training facilities are extended to them under one roof.

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