Rising Sun has many projects for the welfare of children with disabilities.

  •  The flagship project is the state of the art campus in D.H.A Lahore. It caters to children with various intellectual disabilities and provides them appropriate therapies as well academic development.​

    • Majority of the students are offered services free of charge​ due to financial needs

  • A sister campus has been opened in Mughulpura area of Lahore. It offers facilities on par or exceeding those offered at the D.H.A Campus

    • Majority of the students here are also offered services free of charge​ due to financial needs

  • Another monumental project undertaken by Rising Sun is Gosha Afiyat. It is still under construction and needs your support. Gosha Afiyat will be a Shelter Home for people with disabilities who lose family support and are in need of residence and care. Additionally, it will act as workshop to train people for various gainful employment opportunities. It is a one-of-a-kind project with a great vision.

  • Rising Sun also has a separate institute catering to people with visual impairment.